Wholesale 2.0

We have some changes you are going to love and some changes that will help us be responsible professionals who do not spread the virus through our work.
We now provide a 3D tour of the house, which you can use when

Updated way to evaluate this package & offer on the deal:
  1. View the extensive information from the tour which allows you to see every inch including floors and ceilings.
  2. Check out the bids for roof and sewer. Let us do the work of scheduling the inspections and reduce the risk for you.  We have already paid for the estimates and 3D tour so you can send that to your contractors for accurate bidding and your own confirmation of the estimation.
  3. After you have evaluated the complete package, send us your offer, which must include your lender info, prior to access.  It will be awhile until social distancing isn’t an issue, so please work with us to limit the volume of humans going in the house.  We are committed to being an industry leader in safety for our sellers and our buyers.
  4. You can see the house before you sign the contract, or you can tell us you will take it based on our extensive photos. Access is available to you after you submit your offer and send us your lender info.  Note most lenders require 20% down with 6 month’s of interest in escrow.
HomeTrust is open with very strict distancing minimums. Almost 100% of our work can be done with little or zero in person contact. We will sell houses through pics and allow a property walk through if preferred by the buyer. Title One is open and allows a drive thru close. You can sign via video chat as long as the in person requirement for notary has been suspend. HomeDepot is open with social distancing in place. Do your part and if you can’t stay home, practice extreme social distance to stop the spread. Wear a mask-you protect others when you wear the mask.


***Please offer BEFORE access to show us which one or two people are the likely buyer.  You are bound to your price unless something is not accurately represented in pictures or 3D tour when you get to the property.

As we all work together to stay healthy, please observe the following rules at access:

  1. If you are sick, STAY HOME.  Masks are required when out of your car at our properties.  NO MASK, NO ACCESS, NO EXCEPTIONS.  We do not want to spread the virus and we do not want the governor to shut down real estate.
  2. Inspection will be offered but the number of people inside at one time will be limited to ensure you can maintain the 6 feet recommendation. Please wait in your car for your turn inside.  You must have submitted your offer prior to access invitation. Email your questions.
  3. Do not touch anything. All the doors will be open, all the lights will be on, simply don’t touch anything. It is important that you wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before you go inside the house and after you leave. Try to limit your time inside.
  4. Always keep a minimum of 6 feet between you and any other person.
  5. If you choose to not attend access, you may submit your offer after viewing 3D virtual tour and photos online, let us know in the comments or email that you don’t want to go inside the house.  Some houses will not have any access available-you will see that in our marketing when it applies.
  6. Please place your offer PRIOR to access to give us information about which 2-3 people should see inside. This number should be what you expect based on pics, and if you find something different at the house you can update your price.