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South Eaton Street

Lakewood, CO 80226
1,950 SF


East Dartmouth Avenue

Aurora, CO 80013
2,868 SF


East Tennessee Circle

Aurora, CO 80012
1,193 SF
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HomeTrust was founded in 2001 as a locally owned and operated real estate investment business run by Jason and Hope Byrne. And 18 years later, that's still what we are. We have now bought and/or sold - as principals, not as agents - about $350 million of homes. Although we have a large single family rental portfolio, a thriving fix & flip business, and a wholesale business, we are at our core, a small family run business that strives to create fantastic value for our customers every day.

Why Should You Work with Us?

We've already done the work and made the investments to generate a consistent stream of deeply discounted deals. Because we come across so many moneymaking fix and flip and fix and rent properties, we simply can't buy and keep all of these properties ourselves. One of our Core Values is Win/Win or No Deal. Let us show you how we do that.

Real Estate Investors Looking for Rentals or Rehabs

If you're a real estate investor and are looking for great rental properties that will provide cash flow or distressed properties to fix and flip... we've got you covered. Just tell us what your buying criteria is, and we'll custom search for properties for you that fit your criteria. The beauty of it is you never pay for your service... we make our money by adding on a modest fee once you close on one of our properties.

Homeowners Looking for A Discounted Home to Live In

Most of the properties we sell are bought up by real estate investors. However, if you are looking for a fixer upper to live in yourself….you are at the right place! Join our Preferred Buyers List and act fast if you see a home you like. Because we offer these great houses at such steep discounts, they do tend to sell fast... so make sure you're pre-qualified with your bank before you make an offer on one of our houses.

In the end, we've gotten to where we are today because we've focused on becoming really good at finding great deals, marketing, and passing those deals off to people like you at a huge discount. That's what we do. You can rest assured that we are a great company to work with... and we're just real people like you.
- Jason & Hope Byrne, HomeTrust